Caldo Rad Rustic

Also available in the Harmony series, clean air, super efficient woodfires

Radiant woodfires heat an area up quicker than convection style fires. Unlike a convection woodfire which convects hot air upwards from the top of the appliance, radiant fires release heat directly from all the exposed outer surfaces of the firebox. This results in more heat being retained in the lower areas of the room meaning they are ideally suited for homes with high ceilings or with poor insulation.

The Caldo Rustic is tested to AS/NZS:2918:2001. Manufactured from hot rolled steel plate, The firebox is lined with firebricks and the steel plate top is an ideal cooking facility. Requiring a minimum floor protector for a wall setting of 825mm deep and 790mm wide the Caldo Rustic takes up little room. Form without frills, the Caldo Rustic is elegant home heating with radiator efficiency.

Ash Floor Protector approved. Suitable for 2-3 bedroom homes up to 1600 sq. ft.


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