Chimney Sweeping

The Fireplace Technician is based in Flat Bush and services the greater South Auckland area.

We provide professional chimney and flue cleaning, replacement flue systems, repairs, tiling, hearths, and fire surrounds – as well as sell and install all types of solid fuel and gas heaters.

Professional Chimney Sweep in South Auckland

Keep your fireplace working at its best or deal with any pesky draft or smoke problems with an annual chimney sweep and once-over by an experienced fireplace professional. The Fireplace Technician has been servicing chimneys in the South Auckland area for over 30 years and our work is backed by over 50 years’ experience in the industry.

We are well regarded and known for the fact that we are dedicated to providing the best value for our customers and the highest standard of chimney sweep in South Auckland and the greater area. We also provide flue cleaning services, supply, and install custom or standard replacement parts, and carry out any repairs or maintenance needed.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote to inspect, clean, or maintain your fireplace to ensure it is working safely and efficiently.

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Why Do You Need A Chimney Sweep?

Chimney Sweeping should be undertaken annually, to remove soot from the chimney and ensure there are no blockages. Cleaning your chimney regularly reduces the risk of a chimney fire, as it takes only a small amount of build-up to start a chimney fire. Draft problems can also occur because of an uncleaned fireplace, this can result in smoke to be drawn around the house.

Draft issues can be caused by multiple problems, but the main cause is a clogged chimney. In order for the fire to burn properly, the chimney must pull combustion air through the fireplace or stove. If the chimney is the proper size and still isn’t providing sufficient draft, the first thing to do is check the stovepipe and chimney flue for blockage. Bird nests, fallen bricks, Frisbees, leaves, etc. can block or partially block a chimney flue, interfering with proper draft. Make sure the flue is clean: even the thinnest coating of creosote or soot reduces the flue diameter and can interfere with proper draft.

Both your manufacturer’s warranty and your house insurance may be at risk if you do not clean chimney annually by a qualified serviceman. So pick up the phone and dial the number below for a no obligation quote.

No obligation quotation

Use our FAQ on Chimneys to distinguish problems
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