Heating & Safety

Where there’s heat there’s fire”? It can be very true when it comes to heating! Simple precautions will help avoid problems!

All Appliances


  • It’s a good idea to have a fireguard around any heater – particularly if there are children about! And ALWAYS use a guard around an open fire
  • Make sure you know exactly how to operate your heater. If you have questions, ask your dealer or serviceman!
  • Read your instruction booklet, and operate it as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Keep matches and firelighters away from children – and away from an operating appliance.
  • Ensure your appliance is installed according to the appropriate codes, and that the installation has the appropriate permit.
  • Have you appliance serviced regularly by an experienced tradesman.
  • Use a registered NZHHA installer to install your appliance if it is required by law.
  • Consider installing a smoke alarm, and/or a fire extinguisher, irrespective of the type of appliance or fuel you are using.


  • Don’t operate the appliance if any part is damaged or not operating normally.
  • Dont store combustible materials, such as wood or dried flower arrangements near a heating appliance, and ensure that materials, such as curtains cannot blow against the heater and don’t wear loose clothing – such as dressing gowns – near an operating appliance.
  • Don’t leave a heating appliance operating all night or for prolonged unattended periods, unless the appliance is designed for this type of operation.
  • Don’t use a heating appliance in a bedroom situation, unless it is designed for such use.
  • Don’t let young children use a heating appliance, or play nearby without supervision.
  • Don’t use flammable liquids to light a heater.

Special Considerations for Portable Gas Appliances

  • Flueless appliances should not be used in confined spaces. DO NOT use flueless appliances in bathrooms or bedrooms. This is a sure recipe for disaster.
  • Make sure any doors on a portable gas appliance are closed properly and that the appliance is secure and unlikely to tip over.
  • Make sure to turn the gas control off when you have finished using the appliance.
  • Turn off the valve on the gas cylinder after use.
  • Make sure all flexible hoses are sound and that they are securely fitted. If hoses need replacement, ask a skilled installer to do this for you!

Special Considerations for Solid Fuel Appliances

  • Don’t operate the heater with the door open, or with a cracked or broken glass.
  • Radiant wood heaters and pot belly stoves get extremely hot.
  • If the appliance starts to smoke when the door is opened or in general operation, call for service! It is possible that you have a creosote build up in the flue or chimney.