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We provide a full installation service and can complete and lodge the application for a building consent and project information memorandum on the client’s behalf. We also provide a complete installation warranty.
Building Permits Building Permits
All local authorities require an application for a building consent to be lodged and approved prior to the installation of a new or a replacement fire unit. This involves lodging in duplicate (triplicate in Manukau) a floor plan, manufacturer’s specification and installation instructions, hearth details and detail of flue where passing through floor, ceiling and roof and certified position of smoke alarms, together with a producer statement giving the name and installer number of a New Zealand Home Heating Association (NZHHA) certified installer and the appropriate fee.

Fees vary with each local authority – but in Auckland – licensed “authors” can take advantage of the reduced fee ($195).

The FIREPLACE TECHNICIAN can complete and lodge the application for a building consent and project information memorandum on the client’s behalf. We have a Xerox facility to copy, magnify or reduce and a flat top scanner.

On completion, a code compliance certificate will be procured from the local authority and delivered to the client to be kept safely with other documents relating to the property.

    • Certification of existing installations can be arranged to confirm that the installation complies with the manufacturer’s specification and the current local authority requirements. This can be crucial at the time of selling the property as most purchasers are now obtaining Land Information Memorandum (LIM) reports before committing themselves to a purchase contract.Remedial work to bring the installation to code requirements usually involves nominal fixing and invariably seismic restraint is required. The flue system needs to be cleaned and confirmation of smoke alarms fitted as per F7 of NZBC complying with UL217, ULC5531, AS3786 AND BS5446 Part 1.Confirmation that the installation is “Safe and Sanitary” with all relevant papers for the local territorial authority can be prepared and lodged on behalf of the purchaser or the vendor according to agreement of both parties.
    • Glass retainer and re-rope door is a common repair that can be completed at the same time as the fire unit is serviced. Replacement baffles and other running repairs can also be arranged on most models.


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    • Smoky fireplaces. The FIREPLACE TECHNICIAN can resolve problems caused by stratification, the neutral pressure plane and the effect of negative air pressure in the home with the use of a Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gage.
    • Your wood supply can be tested for you with a Protimeter to determine the water content to verify if it is a suitable combustible material. (see Good Wood)Wet wood will not burn properly and can leave solid residues of acetic and pyroligenous acids that with age transforms by heat into hard, porous, shiny material or a flaky dust. This is called creosote and can ignite at any time.
  • Slate or tile hearths made to order, edged with heart rimu or paintable mdf moulding. Slate hearths edged either in slate or as above. Clients can provide own tiles or slate, price adjusted accordingly.All standard shapes and sizes for corner and wall installation, also semi-circle and custom shapes to clients specifications by arrangement.The FIREPLACE TECHNICIAN business was formed to service, sell and install all types of solid fuel and gas heaters – as well as chimney and flue cleaning, replacement flue systems, repairs, tiling, hearths and fire surrounds.All work undertaken is completed personally by Wally T. Lawton who provides a full warranty and after sales/installation service.
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